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  I am a dual licensed massage therapist and esthetician in the Tacoma area. I have experience in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports and Geriatric modalities. I create customized signature facial treatments, body wraps, brow tints and body waxing services.


I do not list the different forms of massage on my booking site as I do not charge additional for services that your body needs. Meaning, during any length session you may require four different modalities in various locations of the body. My hands talk to your muscles to determine your needs. This is how your session is customized to your body versus having a blanket repetitive massage session where you can predict my every move. What you come in with today may not be what is needed in a  month.


  The schedule I provide is one of flexibility during most days of the week and weekends. Our sessions are available in time slots of 30 minute (as upgrades only), 60 minute and 90-minute sessions, and as enhancements, we can add hand/foot scrubs, aromatherapy, cupping sessions, foot detox or warm body wrap. 

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